Shree Gaurav Rubber Products Blog Latest Products Sat, 22 Jun 2024 04:05:20 +0530 en-us Hoses And Its Uses Mon, 03 Dec 2012 15:54:40 +0530 On hearing about ‘Hoses’ the first image one recalls is generally that of the garden hoses. But apart from the garden hoses, there are many kinds of Hoses to be found nowadays. From Rubber Hoses, to Metal Hoses, to PVC Hoses, etc. there are many different kinds that are utilized in different applications.   Some Common Types Of Hoses And Their Uses :   Polyethylene Hose – It is a light weight and durable Hose that is used for high pressure applications. It also has a high tensile strength which makes it a popular choice for many industrial uses.   Metal Hose – A Metal Hose is perfect for industrial applications as it can handle exposure to different chemicals. A Metal Hose also does not get easily affected by fire as compared to other alternatives.   Silicon Hose – One of the most important benefits that a Silicon Hose offers is that it can be sterilized.   Composite Hose – The best example of a Composite Hose is the Fuel Hose utilized in automobiles, etc. The Composite Hoses in cars and other such vehicles are usually made of a combination of plastic and rubber, thereby making them perfect for high strength applications. Rubber Hose – Rubber Hose is among the most extensively used type of all hoses. It is a cheap and durable option. It is also a strong alternative and can even withstand diluted chemicals and fertilizers. Braided Rubber Hoses are a stronger and more durable version of the common Rubber Hoses. Braided Rubber Hoses are used in a wide range of applications like - long distance transportation of fluids like water and petroleum, etc. Other areas where these Braided Rubber Hoses are utilized include in fleet vehicles, in construction equipment, etc. One of the main reasons for the extensive usage of these Braided Rubber Hoses is because of their flexibility, which makes them suitable for multiple applications across varied industrial sectors.   Shree Gaurav Rubber Products is a trusted name as a reputed <b><a href="">Braided Rubber Hose</a></b> Manufacturer. Being an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, quality products are what we promise to all buyers. The wide range of superior quality products that we offer include silicone o-rings, <a href="">silicone rubber sheet</a>, sponge gaskets, tri-clover gaskets, transparent silicone tubing, auto clave gasket, etc. We maintain a strict quality check on the production of all products & also comply with US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 & USP CLASS VI regulations. To know more about us, log on to our website at Rubber Gaskets Mon, 03 Dec 2012 15:57:29 +0530 Rubber Gaskets have an essential part to play in many industrial applications across varied sectors. In homes, many may have noticed the Rubber Gaskets used in pressure cookers to ensure proper sealing. The industrial Rubber Gaskets have a similar function in big scale industrial applications.   Rubber Gaskets have an essential part to play in many industrial applications across varied sectors. In homes, many may have noticed the Rubber Gaskets used in pressure cookers to ensure proper sealing. The industrial Rubber Gaskets have a similar function in big scale industrial applications.   Rubber Gaskets & Rubber Gaskets Manufacturers In water pipes and pipelines used to transport gas, etc. the Rubber Gaskets are used for maintaining effective sealing of the pipes. The Rubber Gaskets ensure that the contents of the pipe do not leak out through empty spaces around the sealing point. Rubber Gaskets usually have to put up with large compressive forces in their day to day operations. Keeping this in mind, reliable Rubber Gaskets Manufacturers ensure that the production is carried out focusing on factors like hardness, pressure bearing capacity and extent of deformation.   Different Types Of Rubber Gaskets Autoclave Gaskets, Endless Gaskets, Inflatable Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets, Silicone Gasket, Sponge Gasket and Tri Clover Gaskets – these are some common types of Rubber Gaskets in use today.   Advantages Of Different Types Of Rubber Gaskets   Silicone Rubber Gaskets – One of the greatest advantages of using Silicone Gaskets is their high resistance to chemicals. Silicone Rubber Gaskets can also withstand high temperatures and are resistant to oils. Further classification includes Molded Silicone Gaskets, Solid Silicone Gaskets, etc.   PTFE Envelope Gaskets - PTFE Gaskets are known for their excellent resistance to chemicals. PTFE Envelope Gaskets are basically a layer of silicon rubber inserted between PTFE. PTFE Envelope Gaskets are fire resistant and do not get affected by corrosive substances either. Gaskets Made From Natural Rubber – Such Rubber Gaskets are known for their ability to recover quickly & can easily withstand alkalis and mild acids.   Rubber Gaskets And Their Many Applications <b> <a href="">Extruded Rubber Gasket</a></b> are used across numerous sectors & are well known for their high resilience and effective sealing properties. The food processing sector is a great example of a sector which makes extensive use of food grade Rubber Gaskets. Rubber Gaskets are also used in electronic equipment, automobiles, water filtration plants, telecommunications equipment, pharmaceuticals and in storage tanks, etc. At Shree Gaurav Rubber Products, we are an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company, offering a wide assortment of products like - Braided Hose, 'O' Rings, Rubber Bottle Stopper, Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Septa, Silicone Rubber Cord, Silicone Rubber Sheet & Silicone Transparent Tubing. Established in 1996, the company is today identified as a leading Rubber <a href="">Gaskets Manufacturers In India</a>. The company also complies with US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 & USP CLASS VI regulations in order to ensure quality products. We currently have operations in India, Middle East Asia & Europe. To know more about us, log on to How to Select Braided Hoses? Mon, 24 Dec 2012 11:35:38 +0530 There is a huge variety as far as Industrial Hoses are concerned. The problem of too many can lead to confusions when selecting one for a particular application. It is a fact that not every type of Hose is suitable for every product in every situation. There are a number of factors that determine the selection of a particular type of Hose for any application. These factors are abstracted as follows:   Material To Be Conveyed Hoses are used in diverse applications for conveying a wide range of materials that may include fertilizers, fuel, chemical fluids, pesticides, etc. The material of the Hose must be compatible with the material that is to be carried in it lest there may be consequences such as brittleness or stiffness eventually leading to deterioration.   Considering Pressure Conditions The fluid that is pumped through the Hoses exerts pressure on the inner side of the wall. The pressure exerted depends on the diameter of the Hose and the volume it can push forward. While selecting a particular Hose, special consideration should be given to the maximum pressure it can withstand. Braided Hoses or reinforced Hoses may comprise of several layers of textile fibers or other materials for better pressure rating.   Flexibility Of The Hose Bend radius of a Hose is an important criterion for selection. For the applications that require continuous bending of the Hose, strength plays a key role. Such Hoses should maintain a constant inner diameter even on frequent bending.   Length Of The Hose Variations in internal temperature and ambient temperature may lead to shrinking or expanding of the Hose. To accommodate such changes, there should be some slack in the Hoses so that there is no undue stress or twisting. Besides, there are a number of other factors such as the Hose weight, the Hose diameter, the environment in which Hoses will be installed, etc. which need to be taken into account while selection. For high quality Braided Hoses and <b><a href="">Extruded Rubber Gasket</a></b>, one can contact Shree Gaurav Rubber Products. The company offers a wide range of products including Braided Hoses, O Rings, Rubber Gaskets, <a href="">Silicone Rubber Sheet</a>, Silicone Rubber Cord and much more. The company offers all these products at very reasonable prices and the quality is just unquestionable. For more details regarding the company and the products, offered by it, one can log on to Silicone Rubber Sheets- Selecting The Best Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:50:27 +0530 A widely demanded industrial product, Silicon Rubber Sheet is manufactured using Silicon Rubber material that can be easily elongated and has exceptional capacity to withstand high temperature of nearly up to + 200 &#176;C. The high heat bearing capacity of the Silicone Rubber Sheet has made it apt for heat transfers, tipping raised graphics, laser engraving, packaging, laminating, hot stamping, heat sealing and applications where high heat tolerance is required.   Silicon Rubber Silicon Rubber is a material widely used in the processing of several products demanded across varied industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and Health Care. The Silicone Rubber is a fungus resistant material, and can easily withstand water, acid and several alkalis. Additionally, the Silicon Rubber material acts as a powerful Electric Insulator.   Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturers Reputed Silicone Sheet Manufacturers take utmost care in the production of Silicone Rubber Sheets. They make sure to use the best-grade Silicone Rubber Material, ensuring the production of Premium Silicone Rubber Sheets. The manufacturing process is carefully analyzed by Quality Experts, making sure that no intrinsic property of Silicon Rubber is lost in the production of the Silicone Rubber Sheet.   Why Silicone Rubber Sheets Are Widely Demanded? High Heat Bearing Capacity - The Silicone Rubber Sheet exhibits excellent capacity to withstand high temperatures, owing to the intrinsic characteristics of the Silicon Rubber Material. This property makes it apt for various heat tolerant applications. Exceptional Chemical Stability - Silicone Rubber Sheets are chemically stable, which means that they do not react if they come in contact with chemicals. Physiologically Inert - This is the most appreciated feature of the Silicone Rubber Sheets since they do not cause any harmful reactions on the human body. Low Flammability - The Silicone Rubber Sheets can withstand fire and are widely used in the production of fire fighting gear & equipment. High Tensile Strength - High tensile strength ensures that the Silicone Rubber Sheets offer optimum performance even in high pressure conditions. Exceptional Resistance To Wear And Tear - High resistance to wear and tear is also a property of the Silicone Rubber Sheets, which guarantees their long life.    The search for high quality Silicone Rubber Sheet and Transparent Silicone Sheet ends with Shree Gaurav Rubber Products. An ISO 9001-2000 certification defines the commitment, which the company has towards quality. The dedication of the company has earned it a prominent place among the trusted Silicone Sheet and Rubber Bottle Stopper Manufacturers and Suppliers. For more details about the company and its products, kindly go through- Silicone Rubber Gaskets Fri, 01 Mar 2013 10:25:10 +0530 A wide range of Silicone Rubber Gaskets is available in market. Silicone Rubber Gasket is a kind of Rubber Gasket among many other kinds of Rubber Gaskets. Other kinds of Rubber Gaskets include Autoclave Gaskets, Endless Gaskets, Inflatable Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets, Sponge Gasket and Tri Clover Gaskets. All these Gaskets are available in varied colors and are utilized for different purposes. Silicone Rubber Gaskets are used extensively in all kinds of industries including engineering industry, aircraft industry, building industry to name a few. The main use of Silicone Rubber Gaskets is as a seal between two surfaces to prevent from liquid or gas leakages. Let us know which materials are used for making Silicone Gaskets: Nitrile Rubber- Nitrile Rubber used in Silicone Gasket can easily withstand temperature between -65 to 300 degree Fahrenheit. This property of Nitrile rubber makes Silicone Rubber Gasket capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions. Moreover, this rubber does not easily crack. Fluorocarbon- Most commonly known by the name of Viton, fluorocarbons has the ability to accommodate the temperature range which is more than that of Nitrile Rubber. Fluorocarbons are used in various applications like oils, fluids and gases and sometimes in case of certain acid types also. Neoprene- It can withstand even the lowest of temperature and that is why it is mainly used in refrigerators and air conditioner units. Silicone- Silicones are known to retain their quality in the extreme of heat, but severe movement or pressure render silicone useless. Moreover silicone has many properties like low toxicity, thermal stability, very good water repellent, good resistance against sunlight and oxygen, non-sticky and also has very good electrical insulation. No doubt these qualities of silicon make it the best choice for use in Silicone Rubber Gaskets. PTFE- Water has no adverse effect on PTFE, which is why it is extensively used as a component for making Silicone Gaskets.   Shree Gaurav Rubber Products are among the leading Rubber Products Manufacturer and Exporter of Silicone Rubber Gaskets, and many other Rubber Products like Sponge Gasket, Rubber Sheets, Silicone O-Rings, Silicone Rubber Cord, Silicone Transparent Tubing, Silicone Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Bottle Stopper etc. The Gaskets which they manufacture are of high quality that can perform well even with other rubber material, any kind of metal and wood also. At present, the company has its business in entire India, Middle East Asia and Europe. To know more about Shree Gaurav Rubber, log on to